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Email merge tags

Learn how to utilize merge tags to customize your Eventsforce email communications.

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A merge tag is a set of code that you can use to automatically incorporate data values from an Eventsforce record when generating a communication. A merge tag used in communications is surrounded by double curly brackets with the chosen merge tag name inside, but dynamic information specific to each event and attendee is displayed upon email delivery.

The first image shown below demonstrates an Email Template with merge tags. The second illustrates a received email with the information from the associated event and a registered attendee pulled in from the merge tags.

This article will cover:

Using merge tags

Merge tags are available for use on email templates. To access merge tags, navigate to Email > Templates.

Create a new email template by clicking the ‘+’ button, then select ‘Create email template’. Alternatively, you may edit an existing email template by clicking its associated edit icon.

Merge tag options are listed under the ‘Tags’ section of the template page.

Utilize the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to write and manipulate the look of your email. While constructing your template, insert merge tags anywhere you want to display dynamic information about your event or attendees.

To insert a merge tag, ensure your cursor is where you want the merge tag to appear. Click the merge tag from the left menu to add it to the template. You may insert them into the body or the subject line of the email template.

See the ‘Tag options’ section to understand available merge tags. When you have finished writing or editing the email template, click ‘Save’.

Tag options

The following are available merge tags.

General Tags

The following tags pull in the information of the email recipient and the associated event.

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Title

  • Email

  • Company

  • Event name

  • Venue name

  • Event dates

  • Event start date

  • Event end date

  • Event start time

  • Event end time

Order Tags

The following tags display the recipient’s order information associated with the event.

  • Order date

Registration Data Tags

The following tags display the recipient’s registration information associated with the event.

Link Tags

The following tags display links associated with the event.

  • Event link

  • Manage registration link

  • Unsubscribe

  • Add to calendar

  • Add file link


The following tags display buttons associated with the event invitations.

  • Accept invite

  • Decline invite

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