Once you have configured your Eventsforce Kiosk badge design and check-in options, you are now ready to start configuring the Eventsforce Kiosk app, then begin check-in. Event planners can use this guide to learn how to link their Eventsforce event to the Eventsforce Kiosk app and start allowing attendees to check-in on-site.

Before continuing to set up the Eventsforce Kiosk app, ensure the following have been completed:

  • Made available a Wi-Fi network with Internet connection

  • Set up the Apple iPad and connected to the Wi-Fi network

  • Allowed the “EF Kiosk” app to access the device’s camera

  • Set up the printer and connected to the Wi-Fi network

  • Added your badge stock to the printer and run the printer alignment process

As you open the app, you will reach the “Admin Screen” which shows the Eventsforce Kiosk app settings, along with an area to scan an admin QR code. Scanning the admin QR code and entering the PIN is how you link your Eventsforce event to the Eventsforce Kiosk app.

You must first generate and print the admin QR code which will later be scanned within the app. Take the below steps:

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Kiosk Settings

  2. Select the “Print admin QR code” button in the top left 

  3. Print and retain the admin QR code that generates 

Admin QR code PIN

Once the admin QR code is scanned within the EF Kiosk app, you will be prompted to enter the ‘Admin QR Code PIN’. You can find this PIN within Eventsforce by taking the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup > On-site > Kiosk Settings

  2. Scroll down to the ‘Admin QR Code’ panel

  3. Take note of the “PIN” 

Note: A PIN will only be generated if you’ve selected “Print admin QR code”

Linking your Eventsforce event to Eventsforce Kiosk

Once you’ve obtained the ‘admin QR code’ and ‘admin QR code PIN’, you can now link your Eventsforce event to the EF Kiosk app. If using multiple kiosks, repeat these steps for each device. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the “EF Kiosk” app on your device

  2. Scan the “Admin QR code” you printed earlier

  3. When prompted, enter the ‘PIN’ associated with the admin QR code

  4. If entered correctly, you will see the ‘Update Admin Settings’ screen which lists your account, event name, event start date, and event ID

  5. Verify the information is correct and tap “Confirm” in the top right (this may take some time, check “Status” row for an update)

  6. Select a printer at the top of the ‘Admin Screen’ (will only display available ‘Zebra’ printers on the same network as the device)

  7. Click “Start” once ready to begin scanning

  8. The attendee badge scanning screen will display

Note: If “Start” button is not available, the app may still be syncing. Check the “Sync status” at the bottom of the ‘Admin Screen’.

Check-in on-site

Once linked, the event planner can select “Start” on the ‘Admin Screen’ to show the main Kiosk page. Depending on the Eventsforce Kiosk lookup modes enabled, attendees will be able to scan their check-in QR code, search by typing their last name, or enter their unique check-in code to check-in.

Once checked in, the attendee’s badge will automatically start printing on the associated printer. The EF Kiosk screen will automatically revert back to the main Kiosk page, allowing the next attendee to check-in and print their badge.

Click here to view our promotional video showing the Eventsforce Kiosk in action along with EF Attendance.

Admin reprints of badges

Event planners have the ability to reprint an attendee badge. If the attendee attempts to check-in again themselves, they will see the generic error message. An event planner can take the below steps to reprint a badge:

  1. Scan the ‘Admin QR Code’ from the main kiosk screen OR press & hold the banner section for 4 seconds and enter PIN

  2. Tap “Reprint” at the bottom of the ‘Admin Screen’

  3. Scan the attendee’s QR code, or manually search for the attendee

  4. The badge will print again

Note: Using the admin reprint will not update attendance or update the attendee’s badge print timestamp. 

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