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How to use the cc email question
How to use the cc email question

Learn how attendees can add email addresses to be copied on all communications.

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Eventsforce provides a registration question called “cc email” that can be added to any Eventsforce event, allowing attendees to copy additional email addresses on email communications. This may be used in the case of a personal assistant registering on behalf of someone else. 

The “cc email” question functions similar to “email” or “email2”, where the input must be a valid email address, however the ‘cc email’ value can be unique in each event. The “cc email” question also allows multiple email addresses to be entered by separating each with a semicolon (example:;;

Note: Emails sent to the attendee containing personal links will also be sent to the ‘cc email’ address. In these situations, it’s possible the owner of the ‘cc email’ can impersonate the attendee using their personal link. 

Adding ‘cc email’ to registration page

The ‘cc email’ question can added to registration contact page, attendee details page, or both. The ‘cc email’ question should be used in addition to the “email” or “email2” database items. Take the steps below to add “cc email” to your registration:

  1. Go to Website > Content > Registration Pages

  2. Click to ‘Edit’ the registration page that should contain this question

  3. Hover over ‘Add here’ and select “Registration Question”

  4. Search the database for “Cc email” and select the question to add

  5. Add the question text as needed

  6. Click “Save”

Note: Once “cc email” has been added to the event, event managers can edit this value for a person from the personal details page. Event managers can also edit a registration and make changes on the registration page.

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