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How to add sessions

Learn how to create sessions in your event.

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Sessions can be created within your Eventsforce event to be displayed on a public agenda, have sessions booked by attendees, or to link submitted abstracts to. Each session in Eventsforce can contain the following information:

  • Session details (name, summary, date, time, location)

  • Session code

  • Presenters

  • Abstracts (if using abstracts module)

If working with a large number of sessions, consider importing sessions into your event to save time.

By default, sessions will be displayed on the session selection page. When combined with the day selection page, attendees will only see sessions on the days they are attending. Sessions can also be displayed on registration pages for a more simplified event configuration. Read more in our “Session selection vs. sessions in registration pages” article.

Creating sessions

Sessions are unique to each event in your account. You can create sessions by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup > Program > Sessions

  2. Select ‘+’ to the left of the ‘Tools’ icon

  3. Enter the session details (only ‘name’ is required to save)

  4. Select “Attendees can book” if attendees can book this session during registration

  5. Click “Save”

Note: The “Session code” can be used to prevent the same session from being selected twice when the session exists in a separate time slot. Example: Session A runs at 9am as well as 11am. By entering the same session code for each session, attendees will only be able to select one.

Choosing session visibility

Draft vs published sessions

By default, all sessions will be assigned a “draft” status, meaning they do not appear to attendees. Sessions must be published before they will be displayed on your agenda and/or during the registration process.

Available to all vs admin only 

In addition to the “draft” and “published” statuses, each session can be available to “All” or “Admin only”. Selecting all ensures attendees can see the session. Selecting “Admin only” will hide the session to the public, only allowing event managers (Eventsforce users) to view the session. 

Attendee category visibility

Sessions can be limited to certain attendee categories. Adjust the category visibility in the  ‘Attendee Category Access’ panel when editing a session. The options are below:

  • Hidden = session does not appear to attendees in this category

  • Available = session will appear to attendees in this category

  • Recommended = session will appear to attendees in category and will be selected by default (can be deselected by attendee)

  • Compulsory = session will appear to attendees in category and will be selected by default (cannot be deselected)

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