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How to use people de-duplication
How to use people de-duplication

Learn how to de-duplicate people in Eventsforce.

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When a person registers with a new email address, Eventsforce creates a new person record in the system. If delegates register with an alternate email address or misspell their email address during registration, it could lead to duplicate records in Eventsforce. 

To clean up the database, you can use the “People De-Duplication” tool. De-duplication allows event managers to merge two active profiles, along with the ability to choose which data to retain. The de-duplication feature is available to administrators but access may need to be given to other user roles

Note: De-duplication cannot be used for two records that have registered for the same event, as Eventsforce cannot merge payment information. The duplicate registration should be cancelled from the event. 

De-duplicating records in Eventsforce

When searching for duplicate records, Eventsforce will only return records who have the exact same “firstname”, “lastname”, AND “postcode”. Event managers can add additional fields to search for or remove fields (ex: removing “Postcode” to search by ‘firstname’ and ‘lastname’ only).  

Before starting de-duplication, be sure to note which email address and data is most current or valid. Event managers will need to choose a “Master Copy” and can pick specific data to retain. Take the steps below to de-duplicate records:

  1. Go to System Settings > Database > People De-Duplication

  2. Search for new prompts to add or ‘Delete’ any fields as needed

  3. Click “Search” 

  4. Select the records you would like to de-duplicate (check two or more boxes)

  5. Select a person that you would like to use as a master copy 

  6. Select which data you would like to retain

  7. Click “Save”

Note: The profile that has been deactivated after de-duplication will still appear in any events that they have registered for. 

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