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How to report on award entry files
How to report on award entry files

Learn how to report files uploaded to award entries.

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Within an awards event, event managers can allow submitters to upload files as part of their award entry. The “File upload” setting can be adjusted on the Awards > Setup > Settings page.

When allowing or requiring file uploads, event managers can create a report to show award entry files uploaded. Please note this report does not download the actual files. To view the download the file uploaded by the submitter, edit the award entry and click on the file link. 

Note: For more information about reporting on award entry data, view our support article “How to report on submitted award entries”.

Reporting on award entry files

Event managers can create a report using the “Award Entry Files” data source to find out which entries contain uploaded files. To create this report, take the steps below:

  1. Go to Reports > Reports

  2. Use the “+” to create a new report

  3. Select “Award Entry Files” as the data source

  4. Add an “In Event” filter to only show entry files for one event

  5. Follow the steps in our “How to create a report” article to finalize the report

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