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How to add social media icons to an event
How to add social media icons to an event

Learn how to display social media icons on the event website.

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The social media feature allows event managers to display social media links on the event website. Attendees can use these links to follow your event/organization on various social media platforms and stay up to date. Attendees can also "share" the event via their own personal social media profile.

The social media outlets include; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The social media icons can be displayed in the footer or below the page menu of the website.

Enabling social media icons

You can choose to activate a single or multiple social media features by scrolling down to the social media panel and adding your details to the section for your social media platform. This can be done by taking the below steps:

  1. Go to Website > Settings > General

  2. Scroll down to the "Social Media" panel

  3. Enter your social media details in one or more of the three sections; 'Follow on Facebook', 'Follow on Twitter', 'Follow on LinkedIn'

  4. Select "In footer" or "Below menu" to determine where the social media icons appear. Select "Disabled" to hide the icon

  5. Click "Save"

Linking a Facebook group or page: visit your Facebook page and copy the ending of the URL

Facebook group or page ID:

Linking a Twitter account: visit your Twitter page and copy the ending of the URL, or input your Twitter handle (the part after @ in your Twitter name)

Example Twitter page URL:

Example Twitter handle: @eventsforce

Twitter account name: eventsforce

Linking a LinkedIn group: visit your LinkedIn group page and copy the ID number within the URL (appears after "gid=")

LinkedIn group ID: 2732642\

Note: you must use a LinkedIn group, you cannot link to a LinkedIn page or account

Display examples

If you choose to show the social media icons "In footer", the icon will appear as below:

If you choose to show the social media icons "Below menu", the icon will appear as below:

Enabling social media "sharing"

In addition to displaying social media icons allowing attendees to follow your pages, you can also allow attendees to share your event through various social media outlets.

The "sharing" options allow the attendee to like or share your event on their personal social media platforms. The active items will appear below the page menu by default. The platforms available here include; Like on Facebook, Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter, Share on LinkedIn, Share by email, Share using "ShareThis".

Once the boxes are selected, no further action is required. The "sharing" icons will appear as below:

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