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How to remove or cancel an attendee in a group registration
How to remove or cancel an attendee in a group registration

Learn how to delete an attendee that registered within a group.

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Event managers have the option to allow group registrations within their Eventsforce event. To learn more about group registrations, read our support article “Group registrations (Reference)”.

When attendees are allowed to register in groups, there may come a time when an attendee or an event manager needs to remove or cancel just one individual within the group. Removing an attendee from a group will trigger a cancellation fee if configured in the event.

Note: By default ,attendees will have the ability to delete people from their group when amending the registration. Event managers can prevent this by enabling the “Disable attendee deletion during amendment” setting on the Setup > Event > Registration page.

Cancelling an individual registration in a group

When group registrations are active in the event, clicking “Cancel Registration” within a group registration will cancel ALL registrations in that group. To remove or cancel just one individual, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to People > Registrations

  2. Click to edit the group registration containing the attendee to be cancelled

  3. Click “Delete” for the attendee in the group to be cancelled

  4. Click “Complete Registration” to finalize the changes

Note: To notify the attendee of the update via email, select the “Attendee” box on the basket page prior to clicking “Complete Registration” to finalize changes.

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