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Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing - Getting Started Checklist
Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing - Getting Started Checklist

Use this onboarding checklist to build your Groups & Ticketing events.

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Eventsforce Groups & Ticketing is our next generation registration and ticketing platform. Groups & Ticketing offers event organizers a fast, modern and extremely easy to use platform to promote events, sell tickets and maximize revenue from group bookings.

Event managers can use this onboarding checklist to get started building and managing their Groups & Ticketing events.

Note: If your account does not have group functionality available, please contact your account manager or Eventsforce support.

Getting Started

Event Setup

Event setup articles provide further detail around the functionality and registration process for Groups & Ticketing events, along with help guides to create your event.


Build your event program by providing helpful information for attendees as they register and book sessions.


Maximize your revenue with ticket packages, special group rates, and more. Learn how attendees can pay via credit card or request an invoice.


Create beautiful branded event websites using our own content management system, or display your ticket booking process in your website.


Create compelling invitation and confirmation emails to capture the attention of your attendees.

Order/Registration Management

Manage your orders and attendees effortlessly and efficiently within your event.


Predefined reports take the hassle out of getting order/attendee data. Quickly search your entire database or run reports.


Seamlessly integrate your Eventsforce data with third party system using our Zapier API.

System administration

Manage users and limit access to events using event access groups.

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